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Phil MacNevin

Phil MacNevin

Founder / President

Hi, I’m Phil…

Can you remember a point in time — could be something a person said, a place you went to, an experience you had — that forever changed your life?

For me, that moment was when I was around 18 years old. I had recently graduated high school and shortly after dropped out of my university Business Administration program. Originally, I had planned to graduate from university, and go into law school.

But then I changed my mind and wanted to become an architect. And again to be a financial planner… And then… I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

I had hit that point that most young adults and 20-somethings hit — the newly coined “quarter-life crisis.”

I felt jaded and directionless. I was depressed and felt meaningless, like no matter what direction I picked, I felt like I’d never be happy…

One night I was up late, another restless sleep, when I turned on the TV… The king of infomercials Tony Robbins was on, talking about this new program he was releasing, called “Get The Edge.” He had completely grabbed my attention, pushing all the right emotional hot buttons.

This crazy guy on the TV was talking about how to get the edge in life and find meaning and purpose. He promised to help me live a life of purpose.

After the infomercial I quickly jumped online and did a quick Google search on Tony Robbins to find out what his deal was. Did he really do what he said he could do? What kind of impact did this dude really have on other individuals lives?

The results came back quite positive, and I was starting to get eager! Maybe I finally found a way to get myself out of this massive and excruciatingly painful rut I had found myself in. But before I jumped in, being a man of God, I prayed about it…

And God answered my prayer…

My Prayers Answered

I had prayed to God to give me some sort of direction or sign that I should adopt Tony Robbins as a mentor, and right after I prayed about it, I found this on Tony’s website:

“The purpose of my life is to humbly serve our Lord by being a loving, playful, powerful and passionate example of the absolute joy that is available to us the moment that we rejoice in God’s gifts and sincerely love and enjoy all his creations.”

A man after God’s own heart. This is a man I could follow…

At that moment I bought Tony’s “Get The Edge” program, and it forever changed my heart and my mind. That was the moment that I not only found my edge in life, but I also truly became a life long student and passionate learner.

From this moment on, I will always be growing and expanding myself. 

That was when I made a promise to myself, a promise that was sparked by words that Tony Robbins spoke in that program I bought so many years ago: “… the moment you stop growing, you start dying.” (paraphrased)

Every failure I made, every problem I faced, and every risk that I took was an opportunity for growth. That also meant that I would always be learning new things, because every learning experience was an expansion of my mind and soul.

From that point on, I studied everything I could get my hands on:


financial advice, relationship advice, business & marketing, human behaviour, psychology, technology, art & creativity…

I spent the next dozen years becoming the best version of myself.

I pushed myself to the limits. I developed my natural skills as a visionary, innovator, teacher, designer and leader. I honed my skills in being able to reverse engineer processes and systems, which made me very good at everything I did.

(Well, not everything. I did start up a company designing and manufacturing snowboards and while we garnered some great attention among the local snowboarders, the company was an epic failure)

I spent many years working as a lead designer, designing websites and user interfaces.

I learned about video production and spent some time working on television shows and commercials for major clients and networks like Coca-Cola, Calgary Flames, Calgary Stampede, The Smithsonian, and OLN.

I worked as an illustrator in the animation industry.

I worked at a startup at the forefront of the crowdsourcing revolution.

I followed my dreams and started up a video game development company which I subsequently sold at the age of 24, a short 9 months after starting the company.

And then I met Eben Pagan, one of the single most important influencers in my life…

I started doing contract work for one of the most brilliant marketing minds of our time: Eben Pagan.

While working with his company, I started learning from the man who was one of the pioneers of internet marketing. He had built an online company that generated over $100 million in revenue. And he taught thousands of others marketing and how to build information products, many of which went on to build 6 and 7 figure businesses. Sometimes more.

It was through working with Eben that I unlocked a lot of growth inside myself.

I started to really study and understand marketing, what drives business growth, understood how people really worked, how emotion drives action and how to motivate and influence people.

Over the years working with Eben, I had driven the technology behind dozens of product launches, most of them reaching $1 million + in revenue. I learned what worked, and what didn’t work in creating and launching products.

I also studied Personality Profiling — learning how the various Myers Briggs personality types function, how to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and how to unlock their unlimited potential.

Over the last few years I have coached hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the world on how to create products that people want to buy, how to grow their businesses to 6 figures and beyond, and how to create lifestyles that they truly enjoy.

I started building a clientele of other successful digital marketers who want to take their businesses to the next level. The result was so astounding that I had to build a team to help me deliver excellence and results to the clients who were coming to me for help.

That lead to the birth of Lift Media, a web design & marketing agency dedicated to delivering beautiful and impactful marketing tools for increasing growth to digital marketers around the world.

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Colby Harris

Business Growth Strategist

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Zach Webster

Business Growth Strategist

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Jerico Aragon


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Kaza Fu


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Titus Hodges


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Vaughn Murphy

Digital Marketer

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