We’re Hiring!

Personal Assistant

Hey! We are hiring again — this time for an assistant to help out Phil. The most exciting part of it will be to help them out with growing their podcast and YouTube channel, as well as doing research, triaging email, scheduling appointments, and keeping them organized and on schedule.

Position Summary

Type of position: Administrative

Reports to: CEO

Job posting last updated: April 24, 2017

The assistant will coordinate appointments & meetings, help manage our podcast interview schedules, assist in video production for their Youtube Channel, triage company and personal email, book travel, send gifts & thank you’s to people, and take care of all other personal & business admin support for Phil.

Most importantly, this person will systematize all tasks and create procedures to keep things organized.

Note: This is an in-house position in Charlottetown, PEI. Once you have been with the company for some time, there is also the possibility of working remotely.

Who We Are Looking For:

1. You Suit Our Style Of Online Work

  • You’re based in PEI
  • English is your first language, you’re good at written and spoken English and have great email communication skills.
  • You’re tech-comfortable. If you can navigate Facebook and YouTube easily, you’ve got enough internet chops to work with us.
  • You have reliable high-speed internet connection with reliable electricity.

2. You Love Checklists

If you give your significant other checklists, you’ll love working with us!

Our business is structured, and becoming more so. Everything runs on checklists & guidelines (except for Phil, which is partly why we are hiring an assistant for him). Everything is organized within Project Management software.

3. You Really Enjoy Admin Support

If you’re someone who loves to coordinate, this job might be for you. If you have past experience in project management or event planning, that’s a plus.

Skill Requirements

  • Project Management or event planning experience preferred
  • Excellent computer skills and proficient in excel, Slack, Google Hangouts, Google Apps, Skype, YouTube, and project management software
  • Excels at operating in an fast paced, virtual work environment
  • Must be able to adapt and implement changing process and system needs as company scales

The Pay

Starting at $15/hour based on experience. 

About The Team

is a web design and marketing agency dedicated to designing effective conversion funnels, membership sites and product launches.

We provide services in web design, web development, sales funnel design, landing page design and Ebook design.

Our agency works with some of the top authors, coaches, trainers, speakers and info marketers in the world.

Why do they hire us?

Because we understand that design AND marketing go together. Everything we design has the aim of increasing conversion rates for our clients, and we do this better than almost anyone else.

The purpose of our company isn’t just about the money. Our reason for existing is because we want to be an agent for positive change in the world by giving back to communities both locally and around the world through time and money, and by investing in people.

About the Team…

We’re a small and dedicated team of about 10 people. Some of us work full-time and some work part-time. Most of us work virtually and live around the world.

One segment of our team is located in Charlottetown, PEI, and we are looking to grow our in-house team.

Our team is a positive and passionate group of people who love what we do and enjoy working together. There is no complaining; we focus on problem-solving and supporting each other.

About the culture…

Our Core Values:

  1. Student first, teacher second, servant always
  2. Honesty and integrity
  3. Everyone is accountable
  4. Failures are stepping stones

Everyone on our team loves the culture. Even though most of us work remotely, we connect daily for huddles to stay in touch and on top of team priorities.

We also love to have fun while working. We are committed to creating one of the best and enjoyable work forces in North America! Virtual work parties, magical unicorn gifs, tacos (you’ll have to work with us to figure that last one out…)

The nature of our work and the calibre of clients we work with sometimes means that you will need to work long hours, or have a quick turn over for work. This requires all of us to be flexible at times, as we may need to work some unexpected hours. Each us works very hard, and we help each other out as needed. We are like a family after all.

Being lifelong learners is one of our core values and we encourage each other to grow. Our company provides paid training in digital marketing and social media and as Lift Media continues to grow, there will be even more opportunities for training and advancement in the company.

Our agency is growing and this is an amazing opportunity for someone who is motivated, eager to learn, self-accountable and wants to take on responsibility.

Deadline to Apply

Open until the position is filled.

Please note: For the final step in our hiring process, we will ask all candidates to arrange reference calls with their former (and current) bosses and others.


Please fill out all of the fields below if you are interesting in joining our team. Do not send us your resume at this time.

  • Please discuss: 1. What are your career objectives? 2. Why are you interested in this position and in working for Lift Media? 3. If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money? 4. What qualifications, abilities, and strong points will help you succeed in this job? (please be specific based on what you know about this position) 5. Tell a funny joke. 6. Send us the youtube link to the video - make sure that you change your settings so we can view the video!

If you have any questions, email phil@liftmedia.co