Justin Rondeau | Why Analytics Aren’t Accurate

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In this episode of the Automate & Convert podcast, Phil MacNevin talks with Justin Rondeau, the Director of Optimization for Digital Marketer and an international speaker that has trained Fortune 500 companies the art and science of optimizing. Justin shares the struggles and triumphs he’s experienced while completing over 3,000 split-tests in his career and how you can apply the same principles to start achieving real results from your own analytics strategy.

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Analytics can get the best of us at times.

What do I test? When do I test it and for how long? Where did all these numbers come from and what do they even mean??

We’ve all been there…

But there’s hope. Our guest on today’s Automate & Convert podcast episode, Justin Rondeau, shines some light on these questions. With patience and a hard look at your business, anyone can implement a strategy for collecting and analyzing data to make better decisions in a timely manner. Check out this interview, it’s packed with awesome tips and insights.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn why analytics can be deceiving and how to sort through that
  • Hear about error rates and how they affect your data
  • Learn where to get additional training on analytics and optimization
  • Gain insight the kinds of metrics you should be tracking in your business

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