Molly Pittman | The Magic of Facebook Messenger Bots

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In this episode of the Automate & Convert podcast, Phil MacNevin talks with Molly Pittman, customer acquisition expert and Vice President of Marketing at Molly is also the host of the podcast Perpetual Traffic which has been downloaded over 2 million times. She has generated over a million leads and has personally spent over $8 million in paid traffic.

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Molly Pittman started as an intern at and in less than 5 years worked her way up to Vice President of Marketing.

If you haven’t heard of Digital Marketer, they provide some of the most important resources in the industry for anyone looking to step up the online marketing strategy of their business or for their clients.

Molly has some incredible insights about her experiences and how she got to where she is.

But we really dive into her thoughts for the future of digital marketing and paid traffic – Facebook Messenger

She shares some incredible strategies for using the rising popularity of this communication tool to engage with customers in meaningful ways and keep them moving through your funnel. So whether you’ve never heard of Facebook Messenger or you’ve been getting interested in building out a bot of your own – This episode of Automate & Convert is packed with awesome tips and advice for businesses of all sizes.

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn about the future of paid traffic
  • Hear about how your business can start using Messenger bots to engage customers
  • Learn where you can get the digital marketing resources you need most
  • Gain insight into how you can keep your business or clients competitive in the changing world of online marketing

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