Trivinia Barber – How To Hire A Virtual Assistant

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In this episode of the Automate & Convert podcast, Phil and Dave talk with Trivinia Barber, CEO of Priority VA, a company that matches high-end VAs with business owners and entrepreneurs around the world. Before running Priority VA full-time, Trivinia worked as an Executive Assistant for big names like Michael Hyatt and Amy Porterfield. Trivinia talks about how to hire a VA that can help you grow and scale your business faster.

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Are you an entrepreneur making 7 or 8 figures and waaaay too busy?

Do you wish you could hand off work to someone else…tasks that you find boring…tasks that you don’t have time to do…tasks that you’re really not good at?

Then you probably need to hire a VA.

Hiring can be intimidating, especially for a position like a VA where you’ll work really closely together.

Our next guest on Automate & Convert, Trivinia Barber, CEO of Priority VA, makes this process easy by telling you exactly how you can hire a high quality VA through her company.

She addresses some of the most pressing questions business owners and entrepreneurs often have about hiring for this position, such as when should you think about hiring a VA? What are the key skills, attributes and personality traits you should be looking for in a VA? What kinds of tasks can you outsource to a VA (more than you think!)?

Hiring a VA doesn’t have to be another stressful item on your to-do list. Listening to Trivinia’s expert tips on how to hire the right VA will enable you to find the right person faster.   

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn when the right time is to hire a VA
  • Hear about tasks that you can outsource to a VA, including ones that may surprise you
  • Gain insight into a big barrier that holds people back from handing work over to their VAs
  • Learn a key strategy that will help you to build a solid relationship with your VA  

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