Dan Martell – The 3 Levers for Gaining More Freedom In Your Business

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In this episode of the Automate & Convert podcast, Phil and Dave talk with Dan Martell. Serial entrepreneur. Speaker. Investor. Mark Cuban recently invested in one of his ventures and Dan spent a week at Richard Branson’s home in Switzerland observing the methods and strategies that he uses to create massive amounts of wealth and produce visionary businesses. Dan talks about the top 3 things you should be focusing on to gain more freedom in your business and start producing better results.

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How do billionaires like Mark Cuban, Richard Branson and others find the time to direct the enormous teams they’ve built to manage all of their investments?

Despite building and selling three very successful tech companies, Dan Martell wanted the answer to this question.

Recently he received an invitation to spend a week with Richard Branson got an inside look into how the visionary accomplishes so much and what kind of systems he has developed to manage the infrastructure of his wealth.

On this episode of Automate & Convert, Dan shares his insider’s look into the life of one of the world’s top producers and how he’s adapted these lessons into his own life.

Dan shares the three biggest takeaways from his experiences and what you can be doing today to accomplish better results and find more freedom in your business.  

In this episode, you will…

  • Learn how to implement more strategic thinking into your business
  • Hear how you can start delegating more tasks to free up your time
  • Gain insight why determining the value of your time is crucial to profitability
  • Learn the playbook Dan uses to manage his own ventures  

Episode Resources

Dan’s Website

Click HERE for a free download of the Dan’s playbook that he uses to accomplish more freedom in his businesses.

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